Introductory Resources

Steven Chang writes:

I promised to circulate a few good podcasts and YouTube channels where you can listen or watch fellow philosophy enthusiasts review, discuss, or critique a text or a philosopher’s ideas. I find it useful for comparing my thoughts on the text with their perspectives. Here are a few that directly address Plato’s Phaedo.

History of Philosophy: a chronological history of philosophy “without gaps” (!!)

Gregory Sadler on Phaedo: Sadler is a fantastic philosopher who publishes a series of 10-minute YouTube videos on the core concepts of philosophy. Also a serious Hegel expert!

Partially Examined Life: a bit more in-depth, longer discussions, but not that hard to understand. Here is the episode on Phaedo

There are heaps of other great podcasts, like the 30-minute chronological series Philosophize This (great for beginners!), and very engaging YouTube channels like PhilosophyTube / Then & Now /  CuckPhilosophy…but I’d be here for the rest of the week if I were to list them all, and mostly I just wanted to highlight those Phaedo-focused episodes above.

Cheers, Steven


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